Meet the Team


Brett Daniel

Lead Photographer | Family Man | “Drill Sergeant”|

I would like to think that you have heard my name around and it has brought you here in search of someone to document your wedding day. I also understand how daunting it is to research and choose a photographer for your big day.

One thing that I take the most pride in is every wedding that i have been hired to do, I have given back the couple moments that will last them generations. Photos that will instantly take you back to the day it was taken each time you look at them. This very thing is what i strive to do each and every wedding and what has driven me to make this my career.

I have been doing wedding photography for the past 3 years and in that time I had the honor of being apart of dozens of weddings. The best part of my work is each wedding brings a new story and i have the chance to help tell your story in a unique way.