Why does wedding photography cost so much?


It is not a surprise that when it comes to your wedding day the costs can add up really quick. Cake, Dress, Venue, Flowers, the list goes on. Photography also shows up on that list of things an it can have a good sized price tag on it.

I am here to talk about what goes into your wedding photos and why it is worth the price tag that comes with it. I can hear it now “your kind of bias in this situation” your right i very much am, but still grab some popcorn an hear me out. When it comes to your wedding a lot of people believe we show up for one day and then our work is done. This could not be further from the truth, The day you book your wedding date with me i go into planning mode. I talk to you and set a handful of meetings in the months leading up to your wedding day. During this time I am working closely with you to find out what style of photos you like as well as every last detail about your day. Then we come to your wedding day.

Fast forward to your wedding day I show up with my team when the bride starts to get ready and we are there all day until the party starts coming to an end. After a full day of taking photos of you, your family, dress, rings, flowers, pretty much everything in our sight many people thing we can go home and sleep. Nope. we head home and then i start backing up all of your photos. From here the real work starts.

There is so much more that goes into your photos than just taking the photo. Really my job breaks down to 10% taking photos, 40% running the business side of things and 50% editing your photos so they are perfect. For the next 2 weeks after your wedding day i am doing nothing but editing your photos. For hours on end i am in front of my computer going through hundreds of photos making sure every last detail is right.

The job is much more than pushing a button and just like everyone reading this photographers also have a bills to pay, family to feed, a car to maintain, etc… Those things just cant be done if we all charged $300 a wedding, our prices reflect all of the time spent working with you, editing your photos and what it takes for us to make a living much like you have to do. I have spent years learning photography and the best ways to document your special day. This is not just a hobby for me it is my full time job.

Think about it, the cake will eventually get eaten. Most times you will wear your dress once then into storage it goes. The music fades, flowers wilt. The photos i give you however will last you generations. They will be the thing that you pull out 5, 10, 50 years from now and relive every detail from your wedding day. When it comes to documenting your wedding day hire professional and you will be happy you did.