Haley and Kyle

Within minutes of meeting Haley, Kyle and Gunner we knew that they were going to be an amazing couple to work with. Not only are they funny, full of life and just all around cool people to be around, but you can honestly feel the love between them. To be around them automatically lightens your own mood. When asked how he would describe Haley, Kyle sily said, “ She’s everything. I can’t imagine my life without her.”

You hear the term blended family used much more commonly in society today and these two show us what the very spirit of what that term means. Haley and Gunner say about Kyle, “We are so lucky to have Kyle in our lives, he is always there for Gunner and I. He is always so accepting, he’s awesome.” You can really see the never ending love Kyle has for Gunner and Haley within seconds of watching him interact with them.

Leading up to their wedding was months and months of planning and meetings and over the course of just about a year, we really feel like we got to know these three people pretty well. They chose to get married in a beautiful, old victorian style inn, The Major’s Inn, in Gilbertsville, New York. This setting was the perfect backdrop for their wedding. Its filled with so many touches of splendor from a bygone era. The day of their wedding everyone was glued to the weather forecast, with rain and lightning being predicted for all day. However with a dash of luck tossed our way the rain held off until after the wedding. Our day started out extremely early, documenting everything from hair and make-up for the ladies, to the final dance of the evening (adorably, happened to be with Kyle and Haley, after nearly everyone and everything was out of the reception hall, with no music playing.

Fast forward several hours and it is time, that moment that has been building up over the course of months. The guest are in their seats, the bride and her father are ready, Kyle is up front eagerly waiting for his soon to be wife to come down the isle. First the bridesmaids, then the maid of honor, and finally, Haley turns the corner and they see each other for the first time all day and the water works start.

As Haley is walked down the isle, all of the guests rise, the room filled with their friends and family. Her father looks at Kyle and utters the simple phase “Take care of her, If you don’t I’ll find you.” With a promise to each other and everyone there , Haley, Gunner and Kyle promised to “Love, honor and respect each other from this day forward.” With that promise the two finally exchanged such heartfelt, personal vows and were married. They chose to go a more personal route and wrote their own vows to one another adding such sweet, personal touches to their ceremony.

It was such an honor to be able to work with this family and to not only help them tell their unique love story to the world but to give them keepsakes that will be cherished for lifetimes to come. We wish them nothing but the absolute best in their years together.

Plus, a little birdy told us that there is soon to be a new member of this family entering the world soon. Stay tuned.

brett merrell