Photography Brings the Past to Life

Our day to day lives are casually bombarded by photo after photo however, it seems that these photos are becoming less and less meaningful the more that time goes on. I can completely understand why this is happening when I take a look at social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat - each one of these blasts hundreds of snapshots in our feeds daily. That's all they are though - just snapshots.

Due to this habit of over-posting, we have become used to giving pictures a quick glance, giving them a like, and then just keep on scrolling. We have become so busy that we can't seem to slow down to enjoy a picture, or even to appreciate what makes it a photo versus just being a picture. Does this photo spark a memory? Is this photo special to me? I am constantly questioned by those around me about why photography is so important to me. Those same people attribute my emphasis on photos to simply my being a professional photographer. And I believe that most people don’t really understand my actual reasoning. For me, photos are a way to freeze a moment in time. A moment that will become a memory you can look back on for the rest of your life even if your mind were to fail you. Photos should spark that memory when you look at it. They should take you back to that exact moment when the photo was taken.

Pictures can also be a way to bring people together. This recently hit home for me as my uncle passed away quite suddenly. When I found out I was shocked and devastated. That week, everyone was gathered at the center of our family. When I got to my grandmothers house, I walked in to see a table full of photos and everyone gathered around looking at them. All photos of him and his life and, rather than everyone crying like we wanted to, everyone had a smile on their face even though some tears escaped down their cheeks. My parents and cousins were picking up different photos and telling stories about when that photo was taken, funny stories about the time he did this crazy thing - all memories sparked simply by looking at a photo.

Our entire family came together over these photos and were able to relive those moments together. To feel those long past instances of happiness and joy. When this happened it made me feel so proud to be a photographer. It made me think that someday, somewhere, it might just be my photos that bring a family together and let them relive amazing moments in their lives. Photos, still hold power and should be something we all take time to admire and appreciate. For me, photography brings the past to life.